How to remap Bixby to launch PUBG on Samsung Galaxy

If you’re a PUBG lover, then definitely this is great news for you. Now, on your Samsung Galaxy phone, you can launch your favorite game PUBG with just a single tap. If you’ve Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, or other Galaxy devices with Bixby key remapping feature, you can make a dedicated PUBG button. This is simple and you just have to remap the Bixby key of your Galaxy device.

How to remap Bixby button and make it to launch PUBG

At first you have to log in with your Samsung account after that setting up Bixby. To login you need a Samsung account, if you don’t have an account then create one. Without doing these, you’ll not be able to remap the Bixby button. Once the Bixby has been set up, follow the given steps.

Steps to Sign in with your Samsung account:

1.    Press the ‘Bixby’ button to launch it.

2.    Tap the round ‘Arrow’ button.

3.    Enter your Samsung account email and password.

4.    Tap ‘Sign in.’

5.    Tap ‘Not now,’ if asked to use your biometrics.

6.    Again tap the round ‘Arrow’ button.

7.    Check the terms and conditions and tap round ‘Arrow’ button.

8.    Set up your voice, if you want. And, tap the round ‘Arrow’ button.

9.    At last, tap the ‘Check/Arrow’ button.

Now, you’re successfully logged in into your Samsung account and proceed to the further process.

Steps to remapping Bixby button to launch PUBG with it:

1.    Double/Single press the side Bixby button to launch it.

2.    Tap the ‘More Option’ icon on the right side.

3.    Enter into ‘Settings.’

4.    Scroll toward down and tap on ‘Bixby Key.’

5.    Here you’ll see some options to launch Bixby or app.

6.    Select ‘Double-press to launch Bixby.’

7.    Then, select ‘Use single press’ to enable it.

8.    Once it has been enabled, select ‘PUBG’ or any other app or game you want to launch with the key.

9.    After settings up the key, you can launch the app with Bixby button.

10.    Just, single-press the Bixby button to launch PUBG.

That’s it! Start your game easily and quickly with Bixby button of your Galaxy phone. If you want to change or remap the button, then you can do this anytime from the settings. You can also customize a quick command and set it up.

With this trick, you can not only launch PUBG with a single tap, but you can also remap the Bixby key and launch any game or app you want with a single tap. You can set it as a camera button, voice recorder button, etc.

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