5 Best Apps To Explore A New City

Exploring new cities anywhere in the world is exciting and adventurous. Explorers find it very interesting to learn about a new culture, people and beauty of a new city. After all, traveling is all about exploring new amazing places and cities all around the world. So, for your next trip, I have listed a bunch of amazing apps which are going to be your best buddies in exploring new cities and experience a new culture and natural beauty.

1. The Happiest Hour

The Happiest Hour is an amazing food and drinks app that works in many parts of the world. The app locates nearby restaurants and lounges and notifies you with their detailed range of drinks and food items. The app also provides you huge discounts on your favorite food and drinks. If there’s any change in your selected restaurant’s food menu, the app notifies you without any delay. Exploring a new place is incomplete without tasting the drinks and foods of the city.

2.  Google Maps

Google Maps is an all-in-one app for every traveler and explorer. The app gives you routes and directions, whether you are driving a car or on foot. You can look for restaurants, cinemas, museums and more. The app works worldwide by providing the most suitable routes to the destination and many more. Finding new amazing places is not more difficult with Google Maps.

3. XE Currency

Exploring a new place without having the local currency is nearly impossible. XE Currency app is one of the most trusted apps with millions of its users. The app compares every currency in the world with your local currency and gives you accurate calculation and value of your currency. The app comes with features of calculating prices with its currency converter, monitors more than ten currencies of your choice, and saves the last updated currency rate for you. This is among the must-have apps in every traveler’s list.

4. Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the most convenient apps for every traveler while exploring a new city with its native language. Google Translate is an exclusive app with a vast collection of languages in which a user can translate words and sentences at fingertips. It is a trusted app among the traveler’s community in translating different languages into the familiar one.

5. Meetup

Meetup app designed to connect people and organize local events in a city. The app is a great way to socialize with a place’s local people. Travelers come to know about different cultures and gestures. With the Meetup app,  you can host your own event with a group of local travelers and friends. It is a fantastic way to meet new people in new cities.

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